Che Guevara - Embroidered Waistcoat



This is a high quality embroidered garment - a tribute to the socialist icon - "El Ché ".

The practical stuff:

On the waistcoat/vest the portrait is normally sewn on the front. If you would like to change the position of the portrait on your garment, please contact me. You may also wish to have extra personalisation on your garment, e.g. a name; if so, please contact me. Any extra embroidery will incur extra cost, so please ask before you buy.

They are made to order, so you need to contact me as soon as your purchase is made with any special requests.

The turnaround would be around 5-10 working days - if any delay is foreseen, I would contact you immediately (this would only occur if my supplier let me down).

Background info: - the following quote is taken from Wikepedia:

Guevara remains both a revered and reviled historical figure, polarized in the collective imagination in a multitude of biographies, memoirs, essays, documentaries, songs, and films. As a result of his perceived martyrdom, poetic invocations for class struggle, and desire to create the consciousness of a "new man" driven by moral rather than material incentives,[15] he has evolved into a quintessential icon of various leftist-inspired movements.

This would be a great gift for anyone fighting the fight for socialism and freedom from persecution.

Shipping from United Kingdom

I aim to ship items within 2-3 working days after receipt of payment unless the item is made to order, in which case shipping will be 5-10 working days. I will only charge what it costs me.

If someone from outside the UK would like to purchase something from my shop, please contact me beforehand, so that I can calculate the shipping costs.


Goods must be returned, unworn, in new condition within 14 days for a full refund (minus postage).

Personalized and digital items do not qualify for refund.

All spelling on personalized goods will be double-checked before they are embroidered - we are not liable for any mistakes made by the customer, so please check spelling before placing your order.